Best Funny Whatsapp Status and Qoutes 2019

funny whatsapp images 2019

Funny whatsapp status 2019

Here we are going to list the most funny status and statements. Best funny and comedy status and statements are handpicked for you to spare your time and exertion.

Offer them at Whatsapp, FB and other internet based life locales and mess around with loved ones.

1.Status: I on Not on whatsappโ€ฆ

2. Typing……

4. Sorry Some technical problem,Status not shown.

5.Status is under construction

6. I have no time to publish status so please do for me.

7 . Allways busy.

8.Save Water,Drink Alcohol

9. Oh hello !! plz Dont Coppy My Status

10. CLASS – Come late and start Sleeping

11. Full Available , Plz Disturb me

12.hey there !! Whatsapp is using me.

Funny Whatsapp Status & Qoutes 2019

So these are the funny status and statements. You can make your own turn in the statuses and change it a little and use it. Thusly they will be one of a kind and will never coordinate with status of others

The best thing about these statuses are that you can utilize them to make a funny message to sent to your companions, families or gatherings. We continue refreshing the page so you don’t miss the latest funny status

Funny Status & Qoutes Why?

You have great comical inclination? You want to break jokes? In the event that answer is yes to these inquiries than most presumably you will love to keep funny status in your FB, whatsapp application or some other informing applications like climb, we visit and so forth.

Regardless of whether you are serious person, we are certain you more likely than not preferred probably a portion of the above funny status and statements. Take a stab at changing your status to some funny statements from above and we are certain your family and companions will like it. We continue refreshing this page, so remain tuned increasingly funny statuses.



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