{New} Best Funny Whatsapp Status 2019

funny whatsapp images 2019

Best funny whatsapp status 2019

In this article, We have put together a small list Of Best funny whatsapp statuses which you will see the top posts posted on this instant messenger.

If you have more in mind than those available on this page, go to the comments area! and Give your Suggestions.

God created life. Everything else is made in china!

If women had the opportunity to govern the world, there would be no war. On the other hand, there would be jealous countries that refuse to talk to each other.

I do not write badly. I just have my own font.

They say that love is more important than money but have you ever tried to pay your bills with hugs?

Alcohol kills slowly. That’s good, I’m not in a hurry …

It seems that bullshit is being cultivated. I really have friends who have a green thumb …

If I win the lottery, I offer a new home to a homeless person. The carton of my plasma screen …

Art students really have imagination. For example, they believe they will find a job.

When I fix the mirror in my bathroom, I tell myself that nature does things really well.

In the past, when you had a muddle with a guy, you fought. Today, you delete it from Facebook.

You are 14 years old. Your boyfriend is 21 and you do not know what to give him for Christmas? give him a Penal Code!

Do you realize that in 40 years, there will be millions of old women who will have tattoos?

A child is … it’s … it’s a mother’s fruit.

It’s weird. Patricia Kass but never repairs.

According to a very interesting study from the United States, death is the leading cause of death in humans.

Since Clara Morgane retired, she does not start one.

James Bond is the best known secret agent so it’s also the worst …

If I seem to agree with what you say, it’s just that I want you to shut up …

This is the fabulous and incredible story of an apple who has forgotten his GPS and … who is palm.

Google in truth, it must be a girl because he can not let you finish your sentence without offering suggestions.

Mud baths should be given to old people to get used to the taste of the Earth.

The GIRAFE ? it’s a neck mounted …

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